Wired & Wireless Networks

Reliable. Effective. Efficient.

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There is nothing more frustrating than binge watching the latest episode of your favorite series and it stops playing mid-scene. Or, imagine a guest’s experience in your office or establishment when the Wi-Fi is not reliable. Improve the quality of your wireless lifestyle and expect reliable service with Myan.  

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Internet of Things (IOT)

How do you currently view your surveillance cameras, lock the back door, or simply disable your alarm?  Technology is great when it works, it is even better when it is integrated.  With Myan, you will be confident that your home and office are supported with secure networks that will power and bring your IOT to life.


Secured Networks

Secured Networks

You rely on the internet in more ways each day. At Myan, building you a dynamic and secure network is paramount. Whether you are using your favorite video app to chat with loved ones or need to provide a seamless experience for your employees and guests, our networks solutions support it all.

With network monitoring, remote support, and remote reboot of critical devices such as your router and modem, Myan is working so that you can get things done.