No Place Like Home

Experience your technology the way it was intended.


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Having multiple Wi-Fi networks throughout your home can be confusing and unnecessary. We consolidate your home network and create reliable access that reaches every living space in your home. Whether you are inside the family room or lounging by the pool, your technology should seamlessly go with you.


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Home Automation Networks

A busy home is streamlined by the right home automation system, but your experience is only as good as the network that supports it.  Myan's network professionals work with you to design, install, and maintain network solutions to keep you and your home up and running. 


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Intuitive Surveillance

No training required. Experience an intuitive interface coupled with intelligent video analytics for an unparalleled experience. Our surveillance solutions will offer effortless control and integration with your favorite automation installation. View all of your properties in one interface from wherever you are. Call for a demo, and see for yourself how intelligent video solutions can change the way you interact with your surveillance.